Welcome to my home page.

As an engineer, designer and manager in many sectors, I have created a number of solutions to help me and others be more efficient. Below are a few links to some of the sites and software I have designed and published, some very old and no longer supported, but all have helped me develop and hone my skills. Please feel free to click to learn more.

I'm the Director of Schedule it Ltd, a company providing enterprise class scheduling software to many of the Fortune Global 500 companies. Although I am proud of the global clients we work with, I am also excited to be helping and working with many start-ups and mid-size businesses to improve their scheduling to maximize their profits and time.

Schedule it

Great resource and employee scheduling software for Windows, the web and many mobile devices. There comes a point when many spreadsheets and a paper t-card system no longer work to efficiently schedule many staff and other resources. I created Schedule it to solve the problem.

Sketch Quote

Free laser cutting and profiling software to create quick quotes and costings. After 15 years in the laser industry I found it was missing a quick and easy method for suppliers to provide potential clients with a quick quote and time for producing laser cut parts. SketchQuote is my free offering to help.

UK Driving Schools

It still amazes me how difficult it can be to find a driving school that matches your needs, e.g. Only female instructors, with automatic gears and controls made for special needs. I created UK Driving Schools to help visitors find driving schools with all the requirements they wanted.

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